Aspen Announces VFR Version Of Evolution E5

Designed for primarily for VFR aircraft, the Aspen Evolution E5 Electronic Flight Instrument has received STC approval for installations without an onboard GPS. That is, it's meant to be installed with a conventional set of nav/comm radios. The E5 is approved for IFR flight when it's connected to a TSO'd GPS.

According to the company, the new configuration was based on market requests for a system in VFR aircraft with the intention of training students on the use of glass cockpits without incurring the expense of a full IFR-approved setup. The E5 sells for less than $5000 in this configuration. Continue reading "Aspen Announces VFR Version Of Evolution E5"

Horten HX-2 Flying Wing To Make U.S. Debut At Oshkosh

You can't leave all the unusual aircraft to Burt Rutan. So there's the Horten HX-2 flying wing, which is slated to make its US debut at Oshkosh this summer.

Powered by a Rotax 912 of 100 HP, the HX-2 is described as a "highly modern economical two-seat tailless light aircraft without a fuselage." Which is a bit of a stretch since there clearly is a place for two humans to reside in side-by-side seating. We can confirm it doesn't have a conventional tail. Continue reading "Horten HX-2 Flying Wing To Make U.S. Debut At Oshkosh"

It's That Time Again

Oshkosh traffic jam of 2018.

If I read my calendar correctly we are just four weeks away from joining all of our aviation friends in the skies over Ripon, headed to Fiske. That means it's time for us aviation journalists to trot out our well-oiled please for practice, tolerance, and good decision-making (not to mention READING THE NOTAM!) in order to get everybody safely to their parking spots for AirVenture 2019. After last year's chaotic opening weekend, a lot has been written about why things went sideways due to many factors -  and many ideas have been floated as to how to make the arrival better. Unfortunately, a lot of those ideas are still in the development stage, not ready for this year. There are a couple of new things in the bag -  The Fond Du Lac diversion and probably more importantly, a text message system (text OSHARRIVAL to 64600 to sign up) to hopefully keep folks better informed while enroute.

Meanwhile, here are the usual tropes. Continue reading "It's That Time Again"

Tom Aberle 1943 - 2019

Tom Aberle

Noted biplane racing champion Tom Aberle passed away from cancer on June 15, 2019. He was 75 years old.

Tom's aviation career started early via his parents, Harry and Yvonne Aberle. Harry was a celestial navigator on trans-Atlantic airliners back in the round motor days; later he and Yvonne operated a flight school in Compton, California. They relocated the FBO to Fallbrook, California in 1968 where it remains in operation as Fallbrook Air Service. Continue reading "Tom Aberle 1943 - 2019"