Applied Research - the Search Process


I have always found that the success in a highly technical endeavor that encompasses a vast sea of knowledge is not about memorizing everything that you can (although some are successful at doing it that way) - but in knowing how to get ahold of the information you need when you need it. In the old days, that meant remembering which reference book you needed to got to in order to find the specifications for a particular integrated circuit, or the allowable number of defects in a Sitka Spruce spar blank... or in knowing who to go to that had that information memorized! Continue reading "Applied Research - the Search Process"

Trig's New Audio Panels

Trig TMA45 audio panel

With the exception of an aircraft that is unserviceable, there can't be many things as irritating or tiresome as poor quality audio. Edinburgh based Trig Avionics solves this problem with their new audio panels which start shipping in January. Continue reading "Trig's New Audio Panels"

Garmin GDL 52 all-in-one portable ADS-B and SiriusXM

Garmin GDL-52Garmin's all-in-one GDL 52 portable aviation receiver is now available, the company says. The GDL 52 is the first portable receiver capable of receiving Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) weather and dual-link, as well as SiriusXM Aviation weather1 and audio for display and control on select portables and mobile devices. It includes a built-in battery and provides GPS position data as well as back-up attitude information2 to compatible portable devices. Continue reading "Garmin GDL 52 all-in-one portable ADS-B and SiriusXM"

Sonex Holiday Tail Kit Specials End December 25


Sonex has Holiday Specials on Sonex-B, Waiex-B, Onex, Xenos-B and SubSonex Tail kits until December 25. Continue reading "Sonex Holiday Tail Kit Specials End December 25"

CleanParts Offers Rental Program, a division of Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. of Fond du Lac, WI designs and builds water-based parts cleaning equipment, and now the equipment is available for rent. Continue reading "CleanParts Offers Rental Program"

John Albritton's Jet Eze

John Albritton after his First Flight of his Eze Jet.
John Albritton after his First Flight of his Eze Jet.

This day was a long time coming for me. Flying my own jet!

This couldn't have been possible without the help and expertise of the Jet Guys. They don't understand the word impossible. If someone tells them it can't be done, they just laugh, and then they do it. Continue reading "John Albritton's Jet Eze"