A Bright Shiny Morning

AirVenture 2017 is still officially a little less than 24 hours away, but you can't tell that if you look at the smiles and enthusiasm of the thousands of aviators already streaming in to Oshkosh to establish their camps, set up booths, and greet old friends. Sunday wake-up came with bright blue skies and the sounds of airplanes as the clearing weather is bringing in a steady stream of machines from all over--the satellite picture showing nothing but open sky over the entire state of Wisconsin. Continue reading "A Bright Shiny Morning"

Beringer's New Products to be Introduced at AirVenture

Beringer Aero will host a press conference at AirVenture with footage of the Alaskan LG Drop tests on Tuesday, 25th at 9:30 at the Media Center and an Aero Breakfast on Wednesday, July 26th from 8:30 to 10:30 at booth #437 to introduce new products:

6" HL wheel/brake for >4500 lb single and twin engine aircraft

4-piston brake caliper and high strength brake disc for increased braking torque and great braking power.

​6" LE wheel/brake certified for two-seater <2500 lb Aircraft Continue reading "Beringer's New Products to be Introduced at AirVenture"

Dynon Certified Introduced

Dynon announces Dynon Certified: the first truly affordable, fully integrated retrofit avionics systems for type certificated GA aircraft.

 Dynon announces their Dynon Certified line of products at AirVenture Oshkosh 2017. For years, pilots of certified aircraft have been forced to choose between maintaining their outdated, legacy instrumentation or upgrading their panel with expensive, piecemeal avionics upgrades. That changes now: The upcoming certification of Dynon's flagship SkyView HDX system represents a breakthrough in the availability of affordable retrofit avionics solutions for type certificated aircraft. Continue reading "Dynon Certified Introduced"

What Is It?

We found this curious airplane in home built camping but we couldn't identify the model. Maybe a reader can? Being a Canadian-registered aircraft, there's no data plate and, so far, no prop tag.

Continue reading "What Is It?"

Open For Business

Wittman Fields varied between scuddy and closed to VFR Saturday morning but the afternoon is beautiful with a broken sky and light winds. The flight line operations, parking, greeting, and camping volunteers are earning their "pay" now. The air traffic controller sounds like an auctioneer. Action is hot and heavy at AirVenture!

GRT Avionics' New HUD for Experimental Aircraft

Actual view of HUD in flight over Michigan on a sunny summer day. Note the brightness of the screen and the clarity of the combiner glass. Photo: GRT.

A heads up display can now be part your a GRT Avionics equipped airplane for as little as $300. GRT's pursuit of heads up display technology has led to support for the Hudly automotive after-market heads up display. Graphics optimizations in the GRT remote app, combined with the impressive readability and value of the Hudly have resulted in the first practical heads up display for experimental and general aviation (certified) airplanes.

  • Aircraft mounted heads-up display
  • Sunlight-Readable Color Symbology
  • Primary Flight Data
  • Flight Director and HSI Guidance
  • Lateral/Vertical Deviation for Approach
  • Stall warning and all other features of GRT Vision App

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