EAA, GA Groups Unified in Opposition to ATC Privatization

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) today joined a consortium of general aviation groups united in opposition to legislation introduced by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), which includes provisions to turn the nation's air traffic control infrastructure and services to a privatized, non-profit board dominated by commercial aviation interests. Continue reading "EAA, GA Groups Unified in Opposition to ATC Privatization"

Basking in the Sun

You know that summer is here when you see shy fuel tanks, basking in the sun!

In this case, we were able to capture the image of our Dream Tundra fuel tanks, stripped out of the airplane and catching some rays to set up Pro-Seal patches on some leaking welds. It's all part of experimental aircraft ownership especially ownership of a kit or plans-built that doesn't have a lot of examples flying. The Tundra is a good workhorse, but we are discovering a few bugs - and the fuel tanks appear to have a couple. We've seen leaks at the welded edge seams, as well as leaks from some spot welds that hold the internal stiffeners/ribs in place. Unfortunately, consulting with other owners of flying Tundras has shown that we are not alone - similar tank leaks have cropped up on a number of other operational planes, and have been dealt with in a number of ways. Continue reading "Basking in the Sun"

A Collection of Engines

No matter which brand name is on the box, receiving a new engine is one of the highlights of any build!

As I was reading the mail this morning, I saw press releases from all three major manufacturers of "Lycoming Compatible" PMA'ed engine parts. (I add that PMA qualifier because, believe it or not, there are many small manufacturers of small parts that fit these engines - but the "Big Three" can build you an entire engine from parts). Those three are Lycoming itself, Superior Engines, and Continental Motors Titan engine division. Continue reading "A Collection of Engines"

Zenith Open Hangar Day and Fly-in

Zenith Aircraft extends an invitation to the company's 10th annual "Fly-In To Summer" Open Hangar Day and Builder Fly-In Gathering this Saturday, June 17: "Join us at our annual fly-in at the Zenith Aircraft kit factory in Mexico, Missouri (centrally located in the United States) as we enter the summer flying season. This will be a fun gathering of Zenith builders and flyers, and is an informal grass-roots fly-in gathering open to all aviation enthusiasts." Continue reading "Zenith Open Hangar Day and Fly-in"