Engine Day!

SubSonex turbojet engine

I know that "Kneeboard Notes" is supposed to be about flying as well as building--but winter weather seems to have settled into our little valley on the eastern side of the Sierra, and this week has presented low clouds, snow, freezing mist--all of those things that tell you not to open the hangar door. But that's OK - there's lots of building on on in the shop. Today, however, in addition to building we spent all day keeping an eye out for the FedEx truck because it was Engine Day! Engine Day - the special holiday celebrated by all homebuilders when a package worth at least a third of the completed aircraft arrives. In our case - more like 50%... Continue reading "Engine Day!"

A Little of This, a Little of That

Subsonex skid plate
Subsonex skid plate

One of the nice things about having all of the sub-kits and materials necessary to build an airplane in your shop at once is the ability it gives you to skip around. After two weeks of working on the tail and control surfaces of my Subsonex project, I have those all finished, and was sort of tired doing pure metal work (measure, drill, disassemble, debur, reassemble, rivet... repeat!). So I jumped in a bunch of different tasks today, sampling a variety of materials and tasks. I mounted some tires, fitted the fiberglass ventral fin, attached the skid plate to the nose come (I don't really want to ever have to use that), and trimmed some plastic fairings to size. Continue reading "A Little of This, a Little of That"

One Week Wonder Coming to Sebring's Sport Aviation Expo

One Week Wonder 2018

This January, EAA Chapter 1240 will be bringing the "One Week Wonder" aircraft, built at Air Venture 2018, to the Sebring's Sport Aviation Expo.
Look for the "One Week Wonder" at the EAA tent located on the South side, adjacent to the Workshops tent. This is a wonderful example of the great possibilities that exist - from ground speed zero to 140! Continue reading "One Week Wonder Coming to Sebring's Sport Aviation Expo"

Garmin's 2019 Aviation Training Events


Garmin released its expanded pilot training opportunities for 2019 to include additional classes throughout the United States and more instructor-led courses. These training classes are available for the G3X Touch, GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator series, the G500 TXi/G600 TXi and G500/G600 flight display systems, Garmin Integrated Flight Decks, and the GWX aviation weather radar. These training opportunities provide pilots with a hands-on approach to learning Garmin avionics in a classroom environment taught by experienced certified flight instructors. Continue reading "Garmin's 2019 Aviation Training Events"