Oshkosh and Sun 'n Fun Too Far Away?

Spring is upon us, and you’re itching to go fly to an airshow, but fuel prices and travel time are holding you back. There’s an option coming up for those of us out West: The Golden West Regional Fly-in and Airshow will be upon us June 6-8.

This will be the ninth GW fly-in, and it has been getting better and bigger every year. It’s held at the Yuba County Airport, about 50 miles north of Sacramento, California.

While still not as large as those other two shows, it will feature hundreds of aircraft including homebuilts, antiques, aerobatics, ultralights, hot air balloons, racers, WW-II warbirds and current military aircraft.

The fact is, being small has its own appeal in that you can get close to the hardware both on wheels and on tables. It’s a great opportunity to compare all those new glass panels because most of the manufacturers will be on hand to demonstrate their latest buttons. With plenty of goodies to buy, you might want to check the weight and balance before departing.

Visit the Golden West Fly-in web site for the latest updates.

Senior Editor Bob Fritz is the author of the popular “The Home Machinist” series in KITPLANES along with numerous articles on a variety of subjects. He completed a Jabiru J250 kit aircraft and wrote a series about building it.

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