News: Australian Stimulus Package—Jabiru Engines On Sale

As the car ads say, "for a limited time only..." Jabiru's U.S. importers have announced that the 2200 and 3300 engines are being offered at reduced prices from now until April 15. Jabiru in Australia had ramped up production and appears to have slightly over corrected, so to move some metal, prices were dropped $2000 on the 120-hp 3300 (from $18,400 to $16,400) and $1000 on the 85-hp 2200 ($13,900 to $12,900).

According to Jabiru Pacific's Jim McCormick, "We have engines on the way, arriving in the U.S. by the end of June or early July."

The four- and six-cylinder air-cooled Jabiru engines are available through Jabiru USA in Shelbyville, Tennessee, or Jabiru Pacific in Fresno, California. Prices are the same from both sources.

We reported on the Jabiru engine line in our January 2007 issue.

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