First Day at Sun 'n Fun

Puddles and mud from recent rains made lots of work for dedicated volunteers and confused parking for attendees at Sun 'n Fun. A pair of Sandhill Cranes ignored the people at the ticket booths, and vice versa. First impressions of the show are a few interesting new attractions (the Lancair Evolution turboprop and the Grand Rapids synthetic vision flight instruments), but consider that computers now have a useful life of maybe five years before the new ones are so compelling that you've got to have one. Is that the future of avionics—five or maybe 10 years and you replace them with something more capable, more fun, or just new?


Contributing Editor Ed Wischmeyer is an AirCam owner and experienced flight-test pilot. Most recently he broke free from an Iowa winter to travel to Lakeland, Florida, where he flew a number of back-to-basics designs and will write about them for upcoming issues of KITPLANES.

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