Seaplane Splash-In at Lake Tahoe

Twenty-four seaplanes were expected at the Mike Brown Splash-In on Memorial Day. However seaplane pilots prefer their water under the fuselage, not on the windshield, and only three local aircraft were able to make it to Obexer’s Boat Yard on the west coast of Lake Tahoe, California.

It was interesting, though, to compare the takeoff at 6225 feet elevation of a C180 turning a turbocharged O-540, a DeHavilland DH-2 Beaver and a SeaRey, well known to KITPLANES readers (cover subject, May 2007). John Spratt’s turbocharged N48CJ was off in less than 15 seconds; the others took as long as 90.

Good food and the beauty of the region lifted the spirits of the attendees above the 44°, 10 knots of wind and the occasional rain shower. You might want to consider making plans to attend the event in 2009.

Senior Editor Bob Fritz is the author of the popular “The Home Machinist” series in KITPLANES along with numerous articles on a variety of subjects. He completed a Jabiru J250 kit aircraft and wrote a series about building it.

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  1. Readers - That nice photo was taken the year before by Chuck Kimes, one of the organizers. 2009 is scheduled for good weather so we'll have a shot at our own pix then. Thanks Chuck!

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