VedaloHD Sunglasses

We recently tried out a set of VedaloHD sunglasses and are quite impressed with them. They're made in Italy and have the look of sophisticated style that one expects of Italian products.

More importantly, they function as well as they look. Rather than depend on polarizing or bizarre lens colors, VedaloHD has embedded a proprietary material right into the lens. The effect is to boost the red end of the visible range, reducing the effect of haze. Chris Pederson, the marketing director, says the drawback is that they've been unable to offer a prescription version. From what we've seen (pun intended), that's not a problem for most folks in that VedaloHD offers a clip-on for regular eyewear.

They're offered with titanium wire frames that are hinged so that annoying springy-ness is avoided when they're being put away. The standard frames stood out a bit too far for one of the testers and allowed noise in past the headset cushions. The other tester, with not so narrow a face, had no problem.

While a bit pricey at $165, they're hard to beat for comfort and function. For more information, visit VedaloHD.


Senior Editor Bob Fritz is the author of the popular “The Home Machinist” series in KITPLANES along with numerous articles on a variety of subjects. He completed a Jabiru J250 kit aircraft and wrote a series about building it.

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