New Product: "Swing-Wing" Ultralight to Be at AirVenture

Gene and Larry Smith, the owners of Culver Props and Valley Engineering will have the production model of their new Back Yard Flyer "swing-wing" legal ultralight at Oshkosh. With its award-winning four-stroke Big Twin engine out front and its ability to rotate the wing 90° on its vertical axis, this plane can open the door to many pilots who can't afford out-of-sight hangar rents.

The plane can be seen in Booth 560 in the lightplane area at the south end of the field.

For more information, visit Valley Engineering.


Contributing Editor Dick Starks has written two books about the joy of flying: “You Want To Build And Fly A What?” and “Fokkers At Six O’clock!!” He was the recipient of Flying’s 2001 Bax Seat Award “for perpetuating the Gordon Baxter tradition of communicating the excitement and romance of flight.” Dick and his wife, Sharon, both fly WW-I replica aircraft.

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