Zenair Ships First North American-made LSA Amphib Floats

This just in from Zenair LTD, Canada:

Zenair light aircraft float production was returned to North American last year after being outsourced in the Czech Republic, and deliveries of the popular all-metal light-weight straight and amphibious floats resumed in the fall of 2009.

The company has just shipped its first set of newly developed LSA amphibious floats in time for the Sun ’n Fun fly-in: These all-metal quality floats have a buoyancy of 1450 lbs and are aimed specifically at the Light Sport market (light aircraft with a gross weight around 1,320 pounds). A unique feature of the Zenair 1450 floats is the incorporation of huge, retractable main wheels. The extra-large 6.00” tires were chosen so that pilots could continue to land their aircraft on less-than-perfect grass fields. Such a large tire on a float this size is uncommon in the industry and will be appreciated by pilots engaged in out-back and/or STOL-type flying. The first set of amphibious floats has been delivered in Florida and will be displayed by FlightCrafters, a Tampa builder assistance center, at the annual Sun ’n Fun Fly-In Convention in Lakeland this April.

Zenair Floats are available as parts kit, quick built kit or factory assembled. The floats are built from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy making them easy to build and maintain, corrosion resistant, as well as very light. The new 1450 lbs float model is based on the larger 2,200 lbs floats designed by Chris Heintz in the 1980s. This heritage ensures
that the LSA floats are extra strong - with 15 full bulkheads instead of the 9 used in Zenair’s lighter and smaller 1150 floats.  Kits for the straight-float version of the new 1450 size are being offered at the introductory price of $2,990; kits for the amphibious version start at $5,990.00. Additional details, including options and factory
assembled prices, are all posted on the company website.

For more information on available sizes, kit options and prices, visit the Zenair website or call 705-526-2871.

KITPLANES Editor at Large Marc Cook has been in aviation journalism for 23 years and in magazine work for more than 25. He is a 4500-hour instrument-rated, multi-engine pilot with experience in nearly 150 types. He’s completed two kit aircraft, an Aero Designs Pulsar XP and a Glastar Sportsman 2+2.

3 Replies to “Zenair Ships First North American-made LSA Amphib Floats”

  1. Its about time that a company is offering an affordable light sport aircraft amphib float. The kit price is even more attractive. From the CAD drawing, it sure looks looks like a tough float with all these bulkheads.

  2. I recently got my float plane rating. I now will have to think long and hard about putting amphibs on my 750 that I am building.

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