Belite Airplanes and New Avionics at SnF

Belite Aircraft will have two of its three models of FAR Part 103-compliant aircraft on display at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in at Lakeland, Florida, April 13 to 18. The Belite Superlite and Trike will be sporting some new features, including several modifications to the tricycle gear version of the aircraft in response to customer inputs, the company says. You can see the airplanes at the Light Aircraft Display area, Space LP35.

The company will also introduce Belite Electronics, with a line of lightweight, solid-state “Patch Flyer” avionics designed for affordability and reliability in Experimental and Part 103 aircraft. The company describes this line as “a fresh, new approach to simple avionics design that is easy to use, with no buttons to turn or push.”

Individual Patch Flyer instruments weigh half an ounce (15 grams), and the Patch Flyer panel of instruments, including mounting hardware and connections, weighs less than 1 pound. Installation is straightforward, and many of the instruments are available in small enclosures that can be carried in a pilot's flight bag, the company says.

Patch Flyer instruments include a vertical speed indicator, airspeed indicator, turn rate indicator, AGL altimeter, inclinometer, positive G meter, battery condition volt meter, volt mini meter, CHT and EGT gauge, and fuel gauge. Belite Electronics will be in Hangar E, Space 27.

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