Pilot eLog V2.2 Released

Sheald, Inc. has released V2.2 of its Pilot eLog cross-platform electronic logbook for private pilots. This is a complete rewrite of the program from the ground up, the company says, with 17 different reports and endorsements, online links to FAA and FAR reference web sites, and ready viewing of day, night and instrument currency in addition to BFR and medical expiration dates. It works on Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms.

The software is modeled on the paper logbooks pilots are accustomed to. Says company President Donald Ryan, “Most programs are way too complex. The logbook is a basic pilot function and should be something that is familiar and easy to use, yet powerful enough to provide advanced features.”

The main eLog screen acts as the main information center, providing key data at a glance. The top half shows the most recent entries, and the lower section provides summary tools and currency data, color-coded for alert purposes. Total flight time is recorded using either a Hobbs Start/Stop or as a direct numerical entry. Extensive error checking is incorporated to keep the log accurate.

The price is $29.95. For more information, call 919/481-9710 or visit the Pilot eLog home page.


KITPLANES Editor Mary Bernard began her career in aviation journalism in 1998 and has worked in publishing for more than 15 years.

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