Carbon Cub Steals the STOL Show at Valdez

A CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS, piloted by Paul Claus, took first place in the STOL competition at the May Day Fly-In & Air Show in Valdez, Alaska, May 7-9. Claus flew N155PC in the Alternative Bush Class (Experimental) category and won with a score of 133 feet. Each competing pilot performs two sets of takeoffs and landings. The shortest sets are added together and recorded as the pilot’s score. CubCrafters airplanes have finished in first place three times in the last four years, the company says (no CubCrafters planes competed in 2009).

For more on the event and video clips, visit the May Day Fly-In web site.

You can also find complete results for the Experimental group and more on the Carbon Cub at the CubCrafters web site.

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