Video Brief: Europa Monowheel

KITPLANES' exclusive video highlighting the Europa Monowheel built by Kim Prout. His Europa is one of the highest-time examples in the U.S., and amply shows off the superb combination of agility and utility.


KITPLANES Web editor Omar Filipovic, based in Portland, Oregon, is a GlaStar builder—old school, that is, he’s taking his time and doing everything himself.

7 Replies to “Video Brief: Europa Monowheel”

  1. Loved it. Kim you're a great speaker and a super salesperson! I love that airplane. Loved flying in it!

  2. Hi Kim: I am curious as to the video equipment you used to do the various shots from tail, wingtip, under fuselage etc. and how you attached it, and controlled it in flight? I have a Pelican 914 and want to do video from my a/c. I would like details of cameras used and where I can buy same. Thanks a lot. Nice aircraft.I have admired Europas at Arlington Air Show -NWEAA.What a great way to show off ones a/c!
    Rupert Gruen
    Kelowna BC Canada
    Pelican Rotax 914 C-GRPW

  3. Hi, Rupert:

    I can help you with that. The in-flight shots were all done with a VholdR Contour HD camera. ( We have a simple base mount that we used along with a fair bit of gaffer's tape to simply tape the camera to the fuselage belly, tip of the tail and the wingtip.

    We didn't control the camera in flight. Set it to start, have the guys go and fly, download the data when they land.


  4. Hi Kim.
    Good to see an old bird can still fly that well. Most likely still the fastest 80hp Europa out there.
    We hope all is well with you.

    Best Regards,

  5. Is it a fluttering at the exit of the four point roll? Happens at the 4min23 seconds of the video.

  6. It's not flutter. The VholdR camera has a few artifacts from the way the shutter functions, and vibration in certain frequencies can make the subject appear to shake when it's actually not.

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