New LSA Battery from Concorde

A new small AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology battery from Concorde was introduced at Oshkosh this year. The RG-12LSA measures 7.5 inches long, 4.97 inches wide and 4.56 inches tall. It uses 8mm (5/16-inch) terminal bolts, which are larger than the nominal terminal sizes on competing batteries. According to Concorde, "The recombinant gas (RG Series) maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery won’t spill at any altitude or attitude and never needs water or electrolyte, and allow 'HAZMAT-exempt' shipping."

This compact battery would be a good choice for low-powered homebuilts as well as for the intended LSAs. The price has not been set, and the battery will begin shipping in October.

For more information, visit Concorde's website.

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