Ed and Kaye Pierson's Lockwood AirCam

My wife and I finally completed our Lockwood AirCam after nearly 10 years of work. It’s equipped with Rotax 912S engines, MGL EFIS and I-K Technologies engine instruments. The fabric and paint were applied using Stewart Systems products. We did all the work ourselves, including the paint.

The airplane flew for the first time on August 2, 2009, and performed flawlessly. We have nearly 50 hours on it so far with only minor tweaking required. We’d have put on more hours but it’s too cold to fly in the winter. (Lockwood, we need that canopy!) The AirCam is a spectacular performer with a 2000-fpm rate of climb solo.

Our thanks go out to all who helped us turn out a safe aircraft, especially the EAA tech counselors who guided us along the way.


KITPLANES Web editor Omar Filipovic, based in Portland, Oregon, is a GlaStar builder—old school, that is, he’s taking his time and doing everything himself.

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  1. Ed and Kaye, your AirCam looks great.

    Hope you are having fun with it!

    Jim - Texas Pepper Cam Serial Number 40

    PS Any instrument panel photos?

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