When Training and Reading Glasses Clash

Anyone pursuing instrument training will log plenty of hood time, usually with frosted IFR training glasses. But doing this while wearing reading glasses can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Now there is a simple and inexpensive solution with these Instant IFR Training Glasses paired with Stick On Reading Lenses.

Sportys removable lenses (shown here on sunglasses) can be attached directly to the clear portion of the IFR training glasses, eliminating the need to wear two pairs of glasses.
The stick-on lenses bring everything into focus, and are optically correct and simple to install as the lenses stick through molecular attraction. The lenses are removable and reusable, and leave no residue, and are available in six diopter powers ranging from +1.25 to +3.00.

The Instant IFR Training Glasses make a perfect complement. The comfort features of the training glasses will keep them from interfering with your headset and won’t obstruct the safety pilot’s view as some hoods do. The telescoping temples allow for a customized fit, while the precision frosting prevents cheating.

The Instant IFR Training Glasses
are available for $15.95 and are available in clear, tinted or yellow (high acuity). The Stick-On Reading Lenses are $24.95. All Sporty’s products may be purchased online at Sporty's or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS (513/735-9000).


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