Belite Adds Pricing Options

Belite Aircraft has announced two significant changes to kit pricing, a new aluminum rib wing design and a tack-welded fuselage variation, both of which cut costs.

It is now possible to purchase a Belite kit, with aluminum spars and stamped aluminum ribs, along with a tack-welded chrome-moly fuselage, tail feathers and landing gear for $10,000.

The Belite ultralight aircraft is FAR Part 103 compliant, yet looks and flies like a “real” airplane. It may be built as a high performance, single-seat utility Experimental aircraft.

Wing Kit

The new wing design features aluminum stamped ribs, along with dual aluminum spars. As a result, wing life is extended over older wood-rib versions, Belite says. The aluminum/wood wing kit formerly sold for $2000, but this improved kit is priced at $1430 and is an ideal starting point for customers who want to get a feel for building their own airplane.


The new tack-welded chrome-moly steel fuselage offers significant savings over the fully welded version. For builders with welding skills, this is the best combination of factory jig setup and builder finish welding, Belite says. The fuselage requires the builder to finish weld, saving $1200 over a fully welded kit. Builders save, while the difficult job of cutting and alignment is completed at the factory.

The Belite Aircraft Basic Kit is now priced at $11,200 and includes the aluminum spar/rib wing kit and a fully welded fuselage.

For more information, visit Belite Aircraft.


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