Coming Soon: Try Before You Buy Zenith Workshops

Participants in Zenith factory workshops have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in building a Zenith kit aircraft. For a relatively low cost, they can start assembling parts of the kit under the guidance of factory professionals, and upon graduation have a rudder tail section for a STOL CH 750 or Zodiac CH 650 to show for the effort.

Workshops are held over two days, and those who attend may acquire skills in reading drawings and assembly manuals, measuring and drilling, deburring, blind riveting, and cutting and filing sheet metal parts. When the rudder section is complete, it is ready to install on an actual airplane and is the participants' to keep. The rudder is constructed the same way as the rest of the kit, so it provides a good introduction to what building will be like.

All participants also receive a demo flight in Zenith aircraft and a tour of the Zenith production facilities. New technology such as CNC drilling and cutting of the kit parts makes building a Zenith kit aircraft quicker and easier than ever before, the company says.

Spouses and other family members and friends are encouraged to attend and take part in the rudder assembly process. There will also be a group dinner at the end of the first day.

Two dates are coming soon: November 18 and 19, and December 8 and 9.

For those who cannot attend a workshop, Zenith offers a rudder starter kit that includes the complete rudder tail kit and detailed assembly instructions that can be shipped UPS. The rudder takes 10 hours to assemble with basic tools.

For more information on attending a workshop or obtaining a starter kit, call 573/581-9000 or visit Zenith's web site.


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