FatBoy Throttle Quadrants

FatBoy Throttle Quadrants is a new Nashville, Tennessee, based manufacturing company dedicated to bringing quality throttle quadrant systems to the homebuilt and Experimental aircraft market.

FatBoy throttle quadrants will fit in any airframe and can be used for any mechanical control-based application including engine speed (throttle), propeller speed, engine mixture, cowl flap, cabin air, oil and fuel shutoff and more, the company says. The quadrants can be center or side mounted.

The Fat Boy throttle grip is the first of its type on the market, the company says, and it features finger knurls, palm swells and comfortable non-slip lightweight rubber overmolding with standard four-way and push-to-talk switches.

Prices range from $195 to $345. Several different configurations can be ordered through the company’s web site in addition to custom units. For more information, call 615/400-4654 or visit FatBoy Throttle Quadrants.


KITPLANES Editor Mary Bernard began her career in aviation journalism in 1998 and has worked in publishing for more than 15 years.

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