Dynon SkyView Adds Traffic

With the release of software version 2.6 for the SkyView EFIS, Dynon has added support for the display of traffic. Currently, the SkyView  systems support TIS input from either of Dynon's remote-mounted (and EFIS-controlled) transponders or the Garmin GTX 330. SkyView is also capable of interpreting and displaying data from a Zaon XRX passive TCAS receiver, a Navworx ADS-B receiver, or a Trig ADS-B module—essentially from any system that outputs data in the industry-standard form.

According to the company, "Traffic will show up on SkyView's moving map and synthetic vision displays using standard TCAS I symbols. SkyView will identify the location, severity of threat, distance, vertical separation and heading of any aircraft within the traffic system range."

The SkyView system starts at $3900 with a 7-inch screen and a single ADAHRS (air-data and heading reference system) module. The system can support multiple screens and ADAHRS modules, engine monitoring, and will drive Dynon's proprietary autopilot servos. According to Dynon, there are nearly 1000 SkyView systems currently flying.

For more information, visit Dynon's website.


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