Gero and Beatrix Dargel's Skyranger Swift

After a couple of more or less successful radio controlled models, the Skyranger is our first "full size" project. The main structure of the Skyranger is a bolted skeleton framing covered with presewn Dacron, so the kit can be constructed with a limited tool set. The construction was pretty straightforward. After about 500 hours within 11 months in a really small (German!) single car garage it took off on its maiden flight in September 2010. It is powered with a 80HP ROTAX 912 and it is now located at EDMJ near Munich, Germany

Location: Munich, Germany

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One Reply to “Gero and Beatrix Dargel's Skyranger Swift”

  1. You are found everywhere 😉

    I am looking forward for my first flight with you in this new plane.

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