Randy Owen's Zenith 701

After 2 years, 5 months and about 1060 hours building time, my Zenith 701 flew for the first time, and flew flawlessly. Even at my 4724' field elevation, it jumped off the runway and climbed like a maniac. It uses a Rotax 912ULS engine with a Warp Drive prop. Many thanks go to Graham Meyer and Bob Trumpfheller, my technical counselors, to Clarence Wood, Zenith builder extraordinaire, to Jon Croke and his fabulous videos, and to my wife, who helped, and put up with metal shavings all over the house.

Location: Grand Junction, CO

e-mail address: randyowen523@hotmail.com

Website: www.zenith.aero/profile/RandyOwen

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  1. Hi Randy-

    I am a writer for the Beacon newspaper and am interested in interviewing you for a feature article. I was given your name by someone in my bookclub who works at MDS (Strive). She said you would be very interesting to talk to and our readers would love to hear your story.

    How can I reach you? My cell phone number is 985-5897.

    Thank you, Melanie Wiseman

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