Steve Dentz's Just Aircraft Highlander

N419BD is a Just Aircraft Highlander and was completed after 10 months in June 2010. This is the second Highlander I’ve built in the past 18 months. It’s powered by a UL350iS engine manufactured in Belgium by ULPower and it’s 130hp, fuel injected, electronic ignition and weighs in at only 173lbs ready to fly. The installed instruments are two Dynon 10” Skyview glass panels, Becker transponder and an Xcom radio. I painted the Highlander base colors (brown and almond) with Stewart Systems Waterborne System and the remaining trim colors are metallic vinyl. The airplane now has 35 hours,  and I'm looking forward to a lot of back country flying with friends.

Location: Carnation, WA

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  1. Hey Steve,
    I've been trying to follow your build; you had some posts in the Just Aircraft forums early on. I hadn't seen any more info until your "completion" listing here.
    How did it work out with the cowlings? They look good. would you start with the Jabiru cowlings and modifiy them if you were doing it again?
    How is the UL Power 350 going? I expect it performs very well; have you had any surprises or anything unexpected from it?

    I am hoping to use the Dynon SkyView system myself. Where did you mount the magnetic heading unit (electronic compass basically?.!)?

    Sorry for so many questions. You've got a HighLander very much like I have in mind though, so you look to be the "best source" of info.

    Phil Thurston

  2. Phil,
    the cowling mod turned out great, If I did it again I think the cheeks could be just a bit wider from top to bottom. UL350 is running great, I'm in the process of determining the right prop for it now, you can see all the latest on the Just Forum under "ULPower 350/breaking the....." The ADHRS for the Dynon is mounted behing the baggage compartment, I had to degauss the area to get get the compass calibrated. Don't be afraid to contact me on my email if you have questions.


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