MGL Avionics Introduces MGL-880 Headset

Features of the MGL Avionics new MGL-880 aviation headset include an anthracite look, metal frame that is hand adjustable and requires no tools. The headband results in no pressure points due to light overall weight, MGL says. The headset operates in mono or stereo with volume and balance controls and good audio quality. Soft gel ear seals allow for a good acoustic seal even for those who wear glasses. 
High passive noise suppression figures over the full audio band, and there is a filtered, noise-canceling microphone. 
Also included are gold-plated connectors, a long-life cable and reversible mic boom.

The headset is light and strong at 20.5 ounces and offers a passive noise reduction rating of 27dB. A clear frequency response from 20 to 17,000 Hz is distortion free through the entire range. It conforms to FAA TSO C57a and TSO C58a, MGL says.

The headset features two volume-control knobs, one on each ear cup. The first knob is used to select between stereo and mono operation, and to select the volume level of that earphone (if stereo operation is selected). The other knob is used to control the volume level of the other earphone in stereo mode, or both earphones if mono mode is selected. The price is $125.

For more information, visit MGL Avionics.


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