Patterson Introduces Italian MW Aircraft Engines

Patterson AeroSales announced the introduction of the MW B22 AeroPower Series of aircraft engines. Metal Work Snc, of Passirana Di Rho, in northern Italy, has appointed Patterson AeroSales to handle the sales and marketing of the engines in the Americas.

The B22 AeroPower Series of engines started as a completely new design in 2003, and has evolved through testing into a modern solution of reliable, economical and lightweight engines for the sport aircraft market, Patterson said. All of the engines are four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, water-cooled, 2.2 liter four-strokes with fuel injection and electronic ignition, integral gear drive and shock-absorbing mount points for bed and/or ring mounts. They celebrate the best of Italian style and technology, executed in Canadian metal alloys, Patterson said.The B22L engine, of 115 horsepower at 3950 engine rpm/2400 propeller, is lighter than older air-cooled engines and more powerful than smaller hybrids. It will run happily on either mogas or 100LL, with economy cruise of less than 5 gph and weighing only 79 kilograms (about 175 pounds). A new production run is underway, and deliveries to North America will start in May, Patterson says. Also currently shipping is the earlier B22D model, direct drive (no re-drive needed), producing 95 hp at 3300 rpm. It is slightly lighter weight at 74 kilograms (about 163 pounds).

In development, with shipping scheduled for fall, is the B22R, which will satisfy the need for more power with 130 hp at 4550 engine rpm/2400 propeller, and still at a weight of less than 200 pounds. That won’t be the end, though, Patterson said, as planning will take the line to 160 horsepower and beyond as development continues.

The 115-hp B22L sells for about $19,000 (14,500 Euro), and the B22D is about $16,500 (12,500 Euro). For now, pricing will remain in Euros, because of the current world financial situation. Patterson AeroSales is offering substantial discounts for early firm orders placed before March 31, 2011.

“In today’s world of global corporate outsourcing and economic uncertainty, it makes more sense than ever for manufacturing companies to stick to their core competencies. We design and build great aircraft engines, and are confident that Patterson AeroSales, with many years in the light aircraft market, will provide great marketing support for our customers,” said Stefano Marella, head of Metal Work.

For more information, visit Patterson AeroSales, or call 905/457-5238. For more on Metal Work Snc, click here.

KITPLANES Editor Mary Bernard began her career in aviation journalism in 1998 and has worked in publishing for more than 15 years.

4 Replies to “Patterson Introduces Italian MW Aircraft Engines”

  1. Saw the article in this month's Sport Aviation magazine. Googled the Metalwork and found you in an earlier article re. the engine. Sounds good! The article did not mention the B22D engine. Is that available? Would appreciate any info you would care to share with me.

    I'm in the process of finishing the build on a CH 701 Zenair. I wish that was aware of this engine before I settled for a Jabiru 2200.

    Grady Adams

  2. Have read about this new engine with great interest. I am planing a Zenith 750 build and would be interested in this engine and a firewall forward kit.

  3. Yes, the B22D is available - it was the first model shipped. Today, most people prefer the B22L (115 hp.) and B22R (130 hp.), and we do still sell
    the original 95 hp. B22D.

    Please drop me a line at:

    I'd be happy to discuss all the options, and provide you with current pricing and delivery. We are anxious to get feedback from people flying the Metal Work engines here in North America !

    You can visit our webs site at:
    for more information.

    Bob Patterson
    Patterson AeroSales

  4. Have a friend who is trying to get his mw engine in the the air with no luck and no real help
    From Italy
    8 engine outs the last incident was the failure of timing gear after take off followed by
    Emergency landing
    MW Engine will kill you
    You can contact me for more info if you want

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