Sonex Accepting Onex Kit Deposits

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is pleased to announce that refundable $500 deposits are now being accepted, with Onex airframe kit deliveries expected to begin by mid-year 2011, and tail kit deliveries beginning much sooner. The date and time (U.S. Central Time) of your deposit payment will determine your order among Onex customers for kit shipment availability.

The Onex single-place, folding-wing, aerobatic aircraft is a Sport Pilot-eligible kit. The flight-testing schedule continues to make rapid progress, and the Hornet’s Nest R&D team at Sonex Aircraft, LLC is extremely pleased with the aircraft’s performance in every aspect.

Estimated kit pricing is now available, with a complete airframe kit base price of $12,995. This is estimated pricing only, and is subject to change without notice.

Onex kits will be offered in complete airframe kits and sub kits, and popular upgrades such as pre-assembled main wingspars and machined angle component kits will be offered to reduce building time. The Onex design has a smaller parts count than other Sonex Aircraft designs, while using more CNC-machined parts to be included as standard items in the basic, non-upgraded kit to further reduce build time.

For more information on terms and conditions, call 920/231-8297, or visit


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