Bearhawk with Geared Drives FWF Package Flies

Bud Warren of Geared Drives offered his congratulations to Frank Braun of Yucca Valley, California, on the recent successful first flight of his Bearhawk with a Geared Drives LS1 firewall-forward engine package. This is the first Bearhawk to use the Geared Drives package.

According to the company, Braun reported engine temps in the 160 degree range, commenting that the gearbox temperature was so low that the EFIS showed it in the yellow. Braun said he expected gearbox temperatures at least the same as the engine. However, it is typical for the Geared Drives PSRU to operate at a temp much lower than the engine, the company says.

For more information on the Geared Drives FWF package and to see a short video of Braun's first flight, click here.

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  1. I am trying to contact other people who were customers of Bud Warren who tragically died on Sunday. I am installing one of his LS1 conversions in a Foxtrot in Florida at Team Tango, but I live in San Francisco. All of his customers have to figure out how to go forward now that Bud is not in the picture, sharing our experience with each other as these engines are tested.

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