TCW Brings Two New Products to AirVenture

TCW Technologies new Intelligent Power Stabilizer for 24v systems

TCW Technologies is known for being the company with the products that can save the expensive avionics in your homebuilt in the case of a crippling power surge, sag or complete loss of electricity. The company introduced two new products at AirVenture, a 24-volt Intelligent Power System (IPS-24V-5A) and a revision of the signature integrated battery backup system (IBBS-12V-@AH).

The 24-volt IPS fills out the company line and helps customers who are running with the higher-power radios in their panels. The IBBS is actually a smaller system than its sibling in the product line, at 2 amp-hour, and is well-matched for single instrument systems and very light aircraft (it weighs only 1.5 pounds). It can also serve as an independent power source for four-cylinder electronic ignition modules.

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Contributing Editor Amy Laboda is a freelance writer and editor of Aviation for Women magazine. She's an ATP-rated pilot and instrument and multi-engine Flight Instructor with a passion for teaching and flying in light aircraft. Her steady rides these days are a 18-year old Kitfox IV and a fresh Van's RV-10.

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