German NEO kit helicopter flies for first time October 31

Watch as NEO takes to the air for the first time at Mainz Airfield on October 31, 2011. NEO is the prototype of the new generation kit helicopter. The company reports the rotor is very responsive and that for yaw control the Jet Control System (JCS) requires only small inputs.


More information on Youncopter's website.

KITPLANES Web editor Omar Filipovic, based in Portland, Oregon, is a GlaStar builder—old school, that is, he’s taking his time and doing everything himself.

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  1. Your craft is very impressive, and I am just as interested in more details in what is involved in getting one, getting qualified to use, and other operational details. How soon will it be available in the U.S.A.?
    Does this kit qualify for the 51% operator build rule? Does it qualify as an LSA?

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