Sam Buchanan's Legal Eagle XL

After a dozen years of enjoyable flight in my RV-6, it was time to add a low-n-slow aircraft to the hangar. The Legal Eagle XL is the latest version of Leonard Milholland's classic ultralight, and offered the opportunity to add gas welding to my skill set. The XL was completed over an enjoyable fourteen months and has proven to be a delight to fly with the 45hp Hummell 1/2 VW engine. Complete details on the construction of XL-58 are available on the XL-58 website.

Location: Athens, AL

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3 Replies to “Sam Buchanan's Legal Eagle XL”

  1. This is something we can fly 'til we sprout our own wings! While fast glass n tin are nice eye candy most really can't afford it. I'd like to see Kitplanes do a detailed story on an airframe build, and maybe a similar article on low end power like Generac and Briggs.

  2. This is the way we can get new people into flying. Low cost and a short learning time to start, then they can upgrade to more. Max Butler

  3. I would love to see a detailed story in Kitplanes describing the construction of this aircraft or something like it.

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