CubCrafters Enters European Market

In June, directSky became CubCrafters' dealer in the European market. Located in Ireland, directSky provides aircraft sales, maintenance, management, restoration, repairs and pilot training.

Initially, directSky will be offering two models:

The Carbon Cub SS: It will initially be registered under the EASA Permit to Fly regulation until it is issued a certificate in the EASA CS-LSA category.

The Carbon Cub EX: a kit version of the Carbon Cub SS.

“We’ve received a lot of inquiries for both types of aircraft, and we believe that the factory-built Carbon Cub SS and kit Carbon Cub EX will prove to be as popular in Europe as they are in the U.S.,” said directSky Managing Director/CEO Kamil Skorupski. “We’re delighted to offer them to our customers in Europe.”

For more information, call 509/248-9491 or visit or

Suzanne B. Bopp is Associate Editor for KITPLANES magazine.

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