Sling 2 LSA Debuts

The Airplane Factory of South Africa displayed its two-place kit Sling LSA at AirVenture. This is a metal-construction aircraft, with power from a 100-hp Rotax 912ULS engine. Some may recall the Sling from a round-the-world-in-40-days flight the company owners took in it in 2009. The kit version is the same as the SLSA version, with completely harmonized controls and 800+ n.m. range. It can be certified as an ELSA or Experimental/Amateur-Built depending on owner preference. Each kit comes with a full set of instructions and builder’s log.

Features include:

Composite landing gear

Sliding bubble canopy for increased visibility

Stressed skin semi-monocoque construction

Optional complete airframe emergency parachute

Rotax 912 100-hp engine

MGL glass cockpit

44-inch wide cockpit

77-pound baggage capacity

Stainless exhaust

39 U.S. gallon fuel tanks

Full dual controls

Composite wheelpants

And more….

The wingspan is 30 feet, fuselage measures 18.9 feet, overall width is 3.7 feet, and overall height is 8.2 feet. The prop is a Warp Drive 70-inch, three-blade composite unit. Standard empty weight is 796 pounds, and max useful load is 524 pounds.

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