Zenith CH 750 Now Available as Factory-Assembled LSA

Zenith Aircraft Company's STOL CH 750 can now be purchased already assembled from Tenn-Air of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Pete Krotje, head of Jabiru USA, announced that Tennessee Aircraft Development , LLC has licensed the design rights from Zenair Ltd. to produce the two-seat, all-metal, high-wing CH 750 as a factory-assembled Light Sport Aircraft. The assembled airplane, powered by 120-hp, six-cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine, is being offered at an introductory price of $74,900.

Tenn-Air will purchase kits from Zenith Aircraft Company and assemble them to LSA standards at its factory. Tenn-Air is headed by the same principals behind Jabiru USA and Arion Aircraft, which have extensive experience in the LSA industry. The Zenith kits are produced to a high level of completion using CNC production technology, which makes it possible for Tenn-Air to offer the kits for less than $75,000 assembled.

Tenn-Air plans to show its first production STOL CH 750 LSA at Zenith’s upcoming 20th Anniversary Open Hangar Day on September 22 in Mexico, Missouri.

For more information, call Tenn-Air at 931/680-2800, or visit www.tenn-air.com. For more on Zenith Aircraft Company, visit www.zenithair.com.


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