Val Avionics Introduces the INS 429 Integrated Navigation System

The INS 429 is a multi-function, fully integrated navigational instrument. With its own internal receivers, the INS 429 is an independent navigational system, but it will also display course deviation information from an external NAV or GPS source.

The INS 429 meets or exceeds TSO Standards and is acceptable for installation in type-certificated aircraft.

Features of the INS 429 include:

  • VOR, Localizer, Glide Slope and Marker receivers.
  • Active and standby frequency with flip-flop.
  • Milled billet aluminum construction.
  • Digital OBS with push-button auto-radial centering and 180-degree reciprocal.
  • Digital CDI and VDI display.
  • Built-in three-light marker.
  • Sunlight-readable display.
  • Accepts external GPS/NAV inputs.
  • No mechanical needle movements.
  • Minimum three-wire installation.

The retail price for the INS 429 is $1995.

During Val Avionics’s summer sale, which ends September 7, the INS 429, together with the COM 2000 VHF transceiver and the KMD-250, can be purchased for a package price of $4495.

The sale price of the COM 2000 is $1165 for those who purchase two or more.

For more information, visit, or call 800/255-1511.

Suzanne B. Bopp is Associate Editor for KITPLANES magazine.

2 Replies to “Val Avionics Introduces the INS 429 Integrated Navigation System”

  1. Hi (I am not affiliated with VALAVIONICS),
    I purchased an INS-429. I am pleased with it.
    After seeing mine, a fly buddy purchased one for his AC.
    I have another fly buddy who I believe is about to purchase one.

    I also purchased a pair of the COM-2000s.
    I am pleased with all.

    Jim Haar was a pleasure to work with on the phone.
    (Jim if you see this post, How are the puppies?)

    Walt Peterson
    PPL SEL, AC owner

  2. I put one in my VFR Maule 2 years ago to give me a certain level of IFR capability. This unit has done 250 hours of flying round the UK and Europe VFR and when I needed to ride down an ILS to get under the overcast/broken stuff it performed beautifully everytime, it really is a good bit of kit and the price is right.

    Duncan Robertson
    Maule N3110J & N159AR
    Not affiliated with the manufacturer.

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