Progressive Aerodyne to Offer Factory-Built SeaRey

Progressive Aerodyne, which has been manufacturing kits for the SeaRey two-place amphibian homebuilt for more than 20 years, has announced that it passed the FAA Light Sport Prototype audit and obtained an airworthiness certificate from the Orlando MIDO office November 8. “We will carry on the Legacy of the beloved SeaRey in the production airplane,” said Kerry Richter, president of Progressive Aerodyne, Inc.

The company will start production of the compliant airplane immediately to meet market demand. New factory-built airplanes will be delivered to customers who put down a deposit in the next couple of months. PA is committed to making a continuous effort to provide customers with the high quality SeaRey and its proven performance by strictly following the ASTM standards and FAA regulations, said CEO Adam Yang.

Prices for the certified model have not yet been announced. For more information, call 352/253-0108 or visit

KITPLANES Editor Mary Bernard began her career in aviation journalism in 1998 and has worked in publishing for more than 15 years.

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