Thierry Zibi's SAM LS

5 years ago, I wanted a retro-looking aircraft, like the trainers of the golden age but with modern comfort, construction and flying manners. That didn't exist! So I decided to build it from scratch with the help of aeronautical engineers and designers. The SAM LS, named like my son is a unique and innovative aircraft build under LSA standards. Empty weight is 830 lbs, gross weight: 1320 lbs, Cruising speed: 130 mph.

I am looking for partners to launch production of the SAM LS in Kit or ready to fly.

Thierry Zibi
100 boulevard Bradford, #B
Lachute, Québec, J8H-3R8

e-mail address:


Location: Lachute, QC, Canada


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  1. Wow, that is a very cool & beautiful airplane --love the Logo image too! Fantastic Design! I have got to figure out a way to fund trng/flying one and if it rides as good as it looks would definitely Buy/Build one!

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