Firewall Forward Options for Van's RV-12 on Display at Sun 'n Fun 2013

Pete Krotje flies his Jabiru 2200 powered RV-12.
Pete Krotje flies his Jabiru 2200 powered RV-12.

The Van's Aircraft RV-12, with more than 200 units sold, is quick becoming one of the most popular two-place kit aircraft that can be flown by Sport Pilots. Though Van's Aircraft provides the builders with a capable firewall forward package, including a Rotax 912ULS, some builders are looking for powerplant options.

At $18,500, the Jabiru 2200, an 80hp engine with firewall-forward kit including cowling and prop from Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft LLC,  is an economical choice for RV-12 builders looking for direct-drive simplicity with great fuel specifics, according to Krotje, who has been selling Jabiru's in the U.S. since 2001.

Performance figures published by Jabiru USA's Pete Krotje for his own aircraft, which won Grand Champion LSA in 2012 at Sun 'n Fun, are as follows:

Takeoff Distance..........................500 feet

Rate of Climb...............................750 fpm

Normal Cruise Speed....................120 mph

Fuel Burn......................................4.0 gph

VikingRV-12But the Jabiru is not the only engine option in the picture. Viking Aircraft Engines of Edgewater, Florida. The 110hp Viking 110 (at 5800 rpm, with 2.33:1 gear reduction turning the prop at 2500rpm) is based on the Honda 1.5 liter engine. This liquid-cooled powerplant includes electronic ignition and multi-port fuel injection. The firewall forward kit from Viking should run around $16,000, including the engine, cowl and prop, according to Ron Russ, who was representing Viking at their Sun 'n Fun booth, N-068. Russ has the Viking firewall forward package installed on his RV-12 and has been flying it for more than a year. To date Viking has sold more than 10 Viking 110 engines to RV-12 builders, according to the company's website.

These are just two alternatives to the standard Rotax 912ULS firewall-forward package for the RV-12 presented during Sun 'n Fun 2013. Stay tuned to Kitplanes as we research other possibilities for our readers.


Contributing Editor Amy Laboda is a freelance writer and editor of Aviation for Women magazine. She's an ATP-rated pilot and instrument and multi-engine Flight Instructor with a passion for teaching and flying in light aircraft. Her steady rides these days are a 18-year old Kitfox IV and a fresh Van's RV-10.

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  1. It would be news if Vans embraced an alternate engine for the RV12. If you want to certifiy in ELSA you have to go Rotax.

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