Vernon Little's Harmon Rocket

Harmon Rocket C-GVRL is my second completion. The first was an RV-9A C-FVRL. The VRL twins are hangared at Victoria International Airport (CYYJ). On August 21, 2013 I flew the Rocket for the first time. Perfect day, almost perfect flight with a just a few snags.

The Rocket is a test mule for several avionics devices that I designed and put into the public domain through MakerPlane. Flies like a racehorse, not a mule!

Special features of this aircraft: Modified to use sliding canopy from the F1 Rocket; oversize tires for rough fields; I0-540-D4A5 with roller lifters, Raven 1/2 inverted system; Propeller shaft seal to reduce air leakage around prop; plenum; single mag plus Electroair ignition; single SkyView VFR panel; centralized electrical system using breakers and automotive relays for all loads.

Easy to fly!

Location: Victoria, Canada


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  1. Hello Vern,

    Beautiful airplane! I am building a Rocket as well, nearly the same way. Harmon parts mixed with F1 parts. I have a few questions for you if you have the time. I have been to your website on numerous occasions and have gathered some valuable insight but I still would like to ask you a few things since you have been there, done that as they say. Could you please contact me at

    Thanks and congrats on a great accomplishment!


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