Bill Benjamin's Lancair 360

Lancair 360

In April 2012, after five and a half years my Lancair 360 N6QU finally took to the sky. A few small issues and oil temperature heading toward 230 degrees shortened that flight. Adding oil cooler baffling brought the temperature down to acceptable levels. Then I had the pleasure breaking in a newly overhauled engine at 200 knots in less than 1/2 of a a 25 NM radius high density phase 1 test flight area. N6QU is a rocket ship but a few knots slower than her sister N3QU who is a consistent Oshkosh race winner. I'm changing my MT prop high pitch to catch up. Engine is an O-360 A1A with Airflow Performance injection, LightSpeed ignition, 10:1 compression, ported and polished ports. Her weight is 1032 lb.

Location: New Smynra Beach, Fl

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  1. 11-2014 update, N6QU is flying like a dream, Sat. AM breakfast flights around central Fl in 2 ship formation is very rewarding and skill sharpening, fuel consumption at an avg. of 200 kts is around 8 gpm. Everyone who likes to fly fast, trouble free and economically needs a Lancair. These planes are now on the market at great prices, sometimes nearly 50% of the cost to build.

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