Kitplanes Sensenich Factory Tour

sensenich-prop-snip-190x100For some engine/airframe combinations, wooden props are the ideal choice. And even for a lot of airplanes that sport composite props, there's a wood core hiding in there. In this video, Kitplanes and AVweb took a quick tour of the Sensenich wooden prop factory in Plant City, Florida to see how the props are made.


Paul Bertorelli

Paul Bertorelli is Editorial Director at AVweb/Belvoir Media Group which publishes Kitplanes Magazine and editor of The Aviation Consumer and He was formerly the editor of IFR. Paul's an ATP-CFII-MEI.

2 Replies to “Kitplanes Sensenich Factory Tour”

  1. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to watch these videos. The material is excellent and very clear. I am teacher and have a small experimental aircraft factory in Brazil. Once a week I teach our children with courses regarding aeronautical issues. Thanks again for the opportunity.
    My Best Regards,
    Roberto Serrano

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