Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven


If Vans is the most prolific of experimental aircraft vendors, RANS Designs is right behind them with more than a half dozen airplanes in the line. At the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, RANS is adding yet another model, the S20 Raven, an evolution of its popular Coyote model.

The S20 will debut as an experimental amateur-built kit, but RANS’ Randy Schlitter told AVweb on Thursday that a ready-to-fly SLSA version will eventually be available, selling fully equipped for prices in the mid-$120,000 range. The S20 shares some components with the S-6 Coyote series but rather than having a steel tube cage around only the forward section of the fuselage, the Raven’s welded tube structure extends the full length of the fuselage.

To provide more interior shoulder room, the S20’s top-hinged doors have an outward curve and a noticeable downline. Schlitter says three engines will be available for the S20, the 100-hp Rotax 912 AVweb flew on Thursday, the UL Power 130-hp offering and eventually a 160-hp powerplant. Given the airplane’s exceptionally light weight—about 735 pounds empty—the higher power engines promise impressive short field performance. The initial kit will cost $25,500, less engine and Schlitter said kits are expected to be shipping in February.


Paul Bertorelli

Paul Bertorelli is Editorial Director at AVweb/Belvoir Media Group which publishes Kitplanes Magazine and editor of The Aviation Consumer and He was formerly the editor of IFR. Paul's an ATP-CFII-MEI.

3 Replies to “Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven”

  1. This is one roomy plane! Loads of fun and lands fairly short with decent cruise speed. I have to say though, I would like to see a side by side comparison of this and the Super STOL.

  2. This plane can be a tri gear or a taildragger,
    and you can put several different engines in it, very versatile, if I had the money, I'd buy the kit and a Rotax914 with some analog gauges and an iPad and fly off into the sunset!

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