KITPLANES® Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye one step closer to flying the SubSonex

Paul after checkride in Bonus JetKITPLANES Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye did his special rating ride in the two-seat Bonusjet TsT-14 experimental sailplane today. The airplane, built and operated by airshow pilot Bob Carlton, is used to train pilots who will be flying the Sonex Aircraft LLC SubSonex JSX-2 jet-powered Sport Plane. The training, conducted in Moriarty, NM, includes ground school and flight instruction in operation of the PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine, which is used in both the motor glider and the personal jet. After several hours of instruction, the student takes a check ride with an FAA DPE and is granted a special authorization for the type --- essentially a Type Rating --- enabling the pilot to obtain a letter of authorization to fly the single-seat sport plane. Watch for an upcoming review of the training program and the Bonusjet in an upcoming issue of KITPLANES® Magazine!

Louise Hose

Louise Hose is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot who regularly flies her RV-6, her husband’s RV-8, and an RV-3B and a Dream Tundra, which they built together. They live in Dayton Valley Airpark in Nevada. She also edits the monthly, free digital newsletter, The Homebuilder’s Portal by KITPLANES®.

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  1. Does that little jet engine have enough thrust to get a two seat sail plane of the ground ( grass or paved runway)?

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