Kitplanes Flies the Subsonex!

Paul Dye and Bob Carlton
Paul Dye and Bob Carlton

Sonex Aircraft LLC gave Kitplanes Editor in Chief Paul Dye the opportunity to be the first independent pilot to fly and evaluate the Subsonex JSX-2 personal jet yesterday. The flight in the single-seat jet followed previous training and rating in the BonusJet sailplane operated for transition training purposes by airshow pilot Bob Carlton of Desert Aerospace in Moriarty, NM. Preparations for the Subsonex flight included special high-drag approaches in the Bonusjet, and the flight in the Subsonex followed immediately afterward.

Paul in SubSonex Cockpit
Paul in the SubSonex Cockpit

Three flights in the Subsonex were conducted, the first for familiarization and the second two for evaluation and a type rating check ride. Dye reports that the airplane is "a blast to fly!" He adds, " It accelerates well and once you're off, with the gear in the wells, the ride is smooth and quiet. The cockpit is comfortable, and response to the side stick control is excellent. It has plenty of fuel onboard for an enjoyable flight without having to watch the gauge constantly, and the ability to climb quickly out of the airport environment allows for maximum enjoyment."

SubSonex Fly-By (Photo: Sonex Aircraft)
SubSonex Fly-By (Photo: Sonex Aircraft)

The Subsonex is the latest kit aircraft from Sonex Aircraft LLC of Oshkosh, WI. It is powered by the PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine which produces 247 lbs of thrust at full throttle and includes FADEC for simple operation by the pilot. It is available in a super-quick-build form and kits are shipping at this time.

Watch for a full report in an upcoming issue of Kitplanes Magazine!

SubSonex Jet kit
The first SubSonex Quick Build Kit was shipped February 12, 2015. Kit shown here with assembled fuselage and wings with kit boxes, ready to load into the optional SubSonex trailer.


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3 Replies to “Kitplanes Flies the Subsonex!”

  1. So a jet kit that is going to cost me $150,000+ that uses a motor with a very, very low TBO, cruises less than 250mph, climbs at only 1500fpm (averages 1250fpm) has a range of less than 500 miles, single seat so I can't even take a friend flying in it, the need for specialized training only available in one location in the US, a fuel tank that doubles as the seat and who knows what insurance will cost... Doesn't sound practical to me.

  2. While I'm sure it's a nice flying plane, it is poorly designed for any real mission at all short of flying around the patch--something a standard Sonex excels at for one tenth the cost. Folks want a jet for completely different reasons, and that's the reason this will fail. Nice toy, useless for anything else.

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