Best of "Sunset" Photo Contest Winner

As all of our photographers know, sunset it a magic time to take pictures - and when you combine sunset with an airplane, well - the results can be spectacular! This month's "Best of..." contest saw a large number of great pictures submitted, and it was tough to choose only four to vote on - but our readers have spoken, and the winner by a large margin is shown here. Submitted by Pat Dulaney, it was taken during a practice for the California Capitol Airshow in 2014. Pat will be receiving this month;s $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty - congratulations Pat!

The winning sunset photo submitted by Axel Alvarez and taken by Pat Dulaney
The winning sunset photo submitted by Axel Alvarez and taken by Pat Dulaney

angry-bird-intake-plug-640For this coming month, we'd like to know see what homebuilders use to keep dirt - and critters - out of their intakes and pitot tubes when they are not flying. While many of us use boring red flags and pieces of foam, it is not uncommon to see something a bit more "playful" when perusing the ramp at a local or regional fly-in. Send in your pictures - we'll pick our top favorites and throw them back out for a community vote! Come on folks - Intake plugs - let's see the Best!



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