Kaolin Aviation to Offer FWF Kits for ULPower

UL Power engineKaolin Aviation has contracted to design and produce firewall-forward (FWF) kits for popular kit-built aircraft, to make the choice of ULPower engines easier, when the OEM airframe manufacturer has not yet developed a FWF installation.

“We realize that most builders don’t want to have to design and fabricate their own engine mounts,” said ULPower US director Robert Helms. “And most don’t want to build from scratch their own cowls and baffling; or do the ancillary engineering under that cowl, either. Though several airframe OEMs already have a ULPower option, Kaolin Aviation has agreed to work with our engine customers, to develop and produce commercial firewall-forward components that will mate with popular airframes not offering a ‘factory’ installation.”

The fully-engineered kits will include everything forward of the firewall: mount, cowl, tuned exhaust, prop, spinner, baffling, and hardware.

The first FWF kit will allow use of the ULPower 6-cylinder 520-size engines on the Van’s RV4, where a 320-size legacy engine is usually found. Lighter, smoother, and more-powerful, with FADEC and lower fuel burn (plus the flexibility of burning Avgas or mogas up to E15), the 520 maintains the legacy engine’s direct-drive, air cooled reliability and simplicity, while putting 180 horsepower to the prop.

“The advantage,” Helms notes, “is that the customer can order, knowing that he is going to get properly-engineered parts; and he won’t have to design or weld anything.”

Kaolin plans on offering a 4-cylinder kit for the Sonex family in the near future, and is prospecting for a customer. Other FWF kits will be developed to answer customer demand.

More: www.ULPower.com

ULPower Models

UL 260i           97hp @ 3300rpm       160 lbs
UL 260iS        107                               160
UL 260iSA
(aerobatic)     107                               165

UL 350i           118                               173
UL 350iS        130

UL 390i          140hp @3200rpm       222 lbs
UL 390iS        160

UL 520i          180 @ 3200                238 lbs
UL 520iS        200




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3 Replies to “Kaolin Aviation to Offer FWF Kits for ULPower”

  1. Hello , can give me a turn key price to install a 180 hp UL power engine on my glasair glastar aircraft. Firewall fwd. Aircraft had a 42 hrs of FLT time , before an experimental Mazda engine ,mount and cowling w
    as removed. Thx , Tade.

  2. New to this sport but was very highly ranked in pro motorsport in the 1970s and 80s these motors seem to be large slow reving hi torque that as they fly higher could use the power that a turbocharger would give 8 to14 lbs of boost would do wonders for the power on this kind of motor why does not somebody try it I know it would make a lot of power in thin air

  3. Speaking from experience here. The UL Engine has a list of issues that can potentially ground you for months or even require an overhaul as early as 400hrs by using 100LL fuel. They aren't quite ready for aviation in the US as in Europe they use Mogas. Add to that the customer support is spotty when needed and the Warranty isn't something they are proud to stand behind. Wait this one out.

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