MGL Explorer-Lite 8.5" EFIS is now available and shipping

iEFIS Explorer-Lite 8.5" Avionics Powerhouse
Built-in pitot/static, built-in moving map GPS, built-in attitude sensor


The iEFIS Lite series from MGL Avionics is revolutionizing the small airplane instrument panel. For single-screen EFIS installations in Experimentals and LSAs, the iEFIS Lite offers everything needed. 

The second 'Lite' release from MGL Avionics is the Explorer-Lite 8.5", which features a nice, bright non-reflective 8.5" touchscreen of around 1000+ nits. It looks, feels and operates just like a full iEFIS, however it does not require the additional iBox since pitot/static, GPS receiver, and attitude sensor are all built into the back of the screen. So, unless you need to connect more than 2 RS-232 devices (radio/transponder/ADS-B) to your EFIS and unless you need more than 1 screen or have complex requirements, this EFIS does it all. It has the same powerful G3 processor and runs the same firmware as a full iEFIS system and has all of the same software features - just less complexity of installation.

Price: The Explorer-Lite starts at only $2,850. Just add RDAC for engine functions and SP-6 Compass if required.

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