Sport Performance Aviation announces Corvair Stroker Engine.

Corvair engineSport Performance Aviation LLC (SPA) unveiled their long anticipated Corvair 3.3L Stroker engine at EAA AirVenture. The engine uses a stroked version of SPA's custom USA-made billet crankshaft installed in a machine-clearanced case, and also includes SPA's second-generation 5th bearing, reconditioned cylinder heads, and rear alternator combined with FlyCorvair's conversion parts.

The 3.0L Corvair configuration, developed by Dan Weseman of SPA, is 3000cc (190 cubic inches). This configuration is a popular powerplant for aircraft such as the Sonex, Zenith, and most recently SPA's Panther. The stroker engine is 3300cc (200 cubic inches). The thrust of this configuration is similar to the output of the 3.0L, but with a lower rpm to make more efficient use of propellers.

Corvair engine[sc:ad180]After AirVenture, Stroker engine testing will continue on a test stand and then move to a third-party dynamometer for output verification. SPA expects to then re-engine their prototype Panther N515XP with the new engine for flight testing. Based on testing, orders will be accepted in fall of 2015.

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  1. Is GM still making Corvair engines? Will we be able to get parts for these engines in 20 years? Thx for any info.

  2. This is for SSR. No,GM isn't making Corvair engines, however, there were 1.5 million poduced. That's far more than Lycoming and Continental combined for all their engines.

    The only parts that you'll need are a case and heads, which you can get from CORSA members. They want a different engine than what is used for flight.

    Go to for general information. Most of your questions are addressed there, and William Wynne's blog is at Also, read which is Dan Weseman's website. They work closely together.

  3. I was looking for an engine for aa-1 or tomahawk,this sound better for that I found a engineless tomahawk,could you e mail estimated price? I also saw a wagabond ,how did engine compare?

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