Teenflight Auction


Project Teenflight is auctioning this beautiful, approximately 50-hour old E-LSA RV-12 to raise funds for the next group of teenage builders. The plane was built by high school students during the 2014 and 2015 school years under close supervision of adult mentors, including Van himself. It flew to AirVenture and will return to its base in Hillboro, OR, following the show.

Opening bids will be at least $75,000  and the auction closes September 1st at 6pm Pacific time. A "buy-it-now" bid of $105,000 will close the auction sooner. More information on the auction email faegre@earthlink.org.

Louise Hose

Louise Hose is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot who regularly flies her RV-6, her husband’s RV-8, and an RV-3B and a Dream Tundra, which they built together. They live in Dayton Valley Airpark in Nevada. She also edits the monthly, free digital newsletter, The Homebuilder’s Portal by KITPLANES®.

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