What is it?

Lesher Teal

This aircraft was designed in 1962 to set speed records for 500-kilogram airplanes. Powered by a 100-hp Continental O-200A, the pusher configuration was used to reduce drag, but the weight penalty was 50 pounds. The designer/pilot lost weight so he could fly the aircraft himself.

[sc:ad180]First flight was made in April 1965, and by 1975 the aircraft had set world records for maximum speed in a closed course for 500, 1000, and 2000 kilometers, maximum distance in a closed course (1554.29 miles), and maximum distance in a straight line (1835 miles).

Lesher Teal

Lesher Teal
So, what is it? The Lesher Teal, designed and flown by Ed Lesher.

P.S. We once asked our readers to help identify a similar aircraft here.

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  1. Seems to me I saw one very similar at one of the GA airports - Torrance or Lomita maybe - near Los Angeles in the early fifties. Never heard anyone say it had flown.

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