2015 Oshkosh AirVenture Awards


Classic Home Built Special Award - Large Plaque
307th Bomb Wing - 93rd Bomb Squadron Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana 1961 B-52H, 61-0029

Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Philip J. Conway Chatfield, Minnesota 2013 Glasair IIS, N11HC
David Schmitz & Derek James Louisville, Kentucky 2014 Van’s RV-8, N8782D
Christopher Lucas New Bern, North Carolina 2011 Van’s RV-10, N919AR
Rodney Jarrell Phoenix, Arizona 2014 Van’s RV-10, N104AZ
Peter Richmond Annapolis, Maryland 2015 Sportsman GS-2, N767KV
Donald Yoakley Fleming Island, Florida 2014 Glasair III, N97KD

Plans Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Jeffrey Cain Denver, Colorado 1981 Hill Raymond J Hatz CB-1, N8032Y
Scott Ehni Trinity, Texas 2014 Zenith 701, N742SE
Scott Ehni Trinity, Texas 2011 Zenith CH 701SP, N742DE
Daniel Helsper Puryear, Tennessee 2010 Pietenpol Air Camper, N929DH

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
George Bowlds Sammamish, Washington 2013 Van’s RV-8, N988DB
William Shook Aurora, Colorado 2014 Van’s RV-8, N951WT
Neal Longwill Austin, Texas 2014 AC Evo Partners LLC Lancair Evolution, N38SP
David Duperron Rockford, Michigan 2015 Van’s RV-10, N282PD
Diran Torigian Simi Valley, California 2015 Van’s RV-8, N618RV
Christer Stenstrom Webster, Minnesota 2015 Van’s RV-8, N184CS
Mike J. Patey Orem, Utah 2015 Lancair Legacy, N707MM
Aaron Sims Locust Grove, Georgia 2015 Van’s RV-10, N10GT
Kenneth Talovich Salida, California 2013 Van’s RV-8, N489KT

Plans Champion - Bronze Lindy
Thomas Langston Weatherford, Texas 2014 Falco F.8l, N457TC
Robert Deford Prescott, Arizona 2003 Full-Scale Replica, N1940K
Dale Severs Fox Lake, Illinois 1998 Hatz CB-1, N560V
Dave Devere Colorado Springs, Colorado 2010 Long-EZ SP, N400EZ
James Steward Monument, Colorado Skybolt, N302JS

Paul Poberezny Founder’s Award for Best Classic Homebuilt
Faith Drewry/Winston Wright Tallahassee, Florida 1982 Pitts, N33HS

Reserve Grand Champion Kit Built - Silver Lindy
CC Aircraft Sales LLC Belmont, Wisconsin 2015 Lancair Evolution, N469KS

Reserve Grand Champion Plans Built - Silver Lindy
William Roerig Combined Locks, Wisconsin 2015 Falco F.8L, N453YR

Grand Champion Kit Built - Gold Lindy
Thomas Irion Livermore, California 2014 Velocity XL-FG, N722XL

Grand Champion Plans Built - Gold Lindy
Kenneth Orloff Groveland, California 2015 Marquart MA-5, N171MC


Helicopter - Bronze Lindy
Russ Kunz Neosho, Wisconsin Safari 400, N615RK
Michael Messex Harvest, Alabama Mosquito Ultralight

Helicopter - Silver Lindy
Ken Kohart Payne, Ohio Safari 400, N8875

Helicopter - Gold Lindy
Tim Drnec Denver, Colorado Helicycle, N202AP

Gyrocopter - Silver Lindy
Dayton Dabbs Taylor, Texas Magni M-16, N747RD

Gyrocopter - Gold Lindy
Chris Lord Hanover, Illinois Xenon, N271PA


Grand Champion - Ultralight
Steve Cole Indianapolis, Indiana Hummel Ultra Cruiser

Light Plane - Honorable Mention
Rod Holtz Wautoma, Wisconsin Quad Cities Challenger 2

Reserve Grand Champion - Light Plane
Tim Lohrey Brookville, Indiana Russell Morgan Ragwing Special


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6 Replies to “2015 Oshkosh AirVenture Awards”

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  2. Steve and Neil, the list has been updated with the Ultralight & LSA category - the first file EAA sent us included only the Homebuilt category.

    Steve, congratulations on winning the Grand Champion award!

  3. I would be interested in how many aircraft were judged in each category. I am especially interested in the number of plans built aircraft.

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