Drane Arion Lightning N621WV

I finished my Arion Lightning in June 2011. It is equipped with a Dynon D60, Garmin radio and transponder, and Grand Rapids EIS. The engine is a Jabiru 3300 with a Sensenich ground-adjustable prop.

Thanks to Greg and Crystal Hobbs and their build assist program.

John Drane
Laveen, Arizona

Drane Arion Lightning N621WV


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One Reply to “Drane Arion Lightning N621WV”

  1. Hi John. I am a newly licensed pilot and am thinking of doing the quick build lightning with Greg in AZ.
    On my trip west I stopped in Tennessee at the Orion factory but weather was to bad to take a test flight. I have a general question which is how do you think the lightning is for a newly minted pilot
    I travel about so have had several CFI ant learnt in Cessna of all vintages 150 and172's
    I have done a demo flight in Vans RV12 and Zenith low wing Cruze
    Thanks for any feedback

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